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Digital Display Cases for Museums, Jewelry Stores, and Trade ShowsMerchandise and Exhibit Pedestals with Plug-n-Play Digital Displays Need to create a showstopping feature for merchandise or art? Our alphanumeric display cases are excellent for illuminating high ticket merchandise, artifacts, and collectibles. Each showcase is formed with energy efficient LED lights which will put the newest device or the oldest statue into the spotlight. These alphanumeric display cases with illumination also include a flat panel screen for promotional and academic videos. the fashionable design is great for listing product features, historical facts, or artist information about merchandise or exhibition materials. The alphanumeric display cases with a full vision design create an immersive presentation experience.

What makes these flatscreen showcases great for museums, galleries, and fair booths?

Our alphanumeric display cases each include a ten .1" LCD screen with photo, video, and audio capabilities. This flat panel inside the case features a plug-n-play design that needs only a USB drive or SD card to upload media files. At trade shows, the LCD screen can inform passersby about the most recent product or the corporate behind it. Museums and galleries can feature artwork and artifacts while the multimedia content explains its history and significance. Each sleek showcase has energy efficient LED bulbs within the base to illuminate contents from below. Combined with their clear acrylic showcase, these plinths with LCD screens create a high visibility presentation for product samples and collectibles. Our eye-catching towers with electronic signage shine at drawing attention to statues and merchandise. Digital display pedestals with a custom printed back panel create knowledgeable presentation. These personalized graphics are imprinted fully color with a digital UV process that makes fade-resistant signage. Ideal for retail stores and fair booths, this tradition panel features top quality advertisements with branding and merchandise information. When exhibiting artwork and collectibles, the museum showcases' customized graphics are a superior thanks to attract attention to the artist's bio or accompanying artwork. Our lighted display stands with a flatscreen can alternatively include an unprinted white backdrop. This neutral back panel will make the centerpiece stand out from the background. The modern electronic case on a base made from laminated MDF. Each fixture features a sleek, glossy finish in black or white. This contemporary design adds an air of professionalism to any exhibit, whether it's during a store, gallery, or building lobby. Multimedia display pedestals with electronic signage bring a replacement dimension of branding and knowledge to showcases. Illuminated case stands with flatscreens make excellent additions to upscale boutiques and chain stores. What better way is there to introduce to customers to all or any the features of the newest smartphone? it is easy to make consistent messaging across multiple stores by using promotional videos and custom graphics. Another great multimedia merchandiser is our transparent LCD screen case that features captivating video ahead of the merchandise . Educational flatscreen pedestals in museums present a wealth of data in one compact space. for instance , visitors could see a historical bust, hear a video about the figure, and skim about the sculptor on the customized panel. Give students and history buffs the complete story behind every artifact.