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Trophy Cases Display Memorabilia in Schools, Offices, and Homes

Display Cases for Featuring Trophies, Awards, and Sports Memorabilia

Looking to showcase your collection of prized possessions? These floor standing trophy cases are excellent for displaying memorabilia in office, school, and residential environments. Each award cabinet features tempered glass panels that make high visibility presentations. we provide both modern and traditional trophy cases to accommodate a spread of décor. Frameless showcases for sports memorabilia have a contemporary appearance that's ideal for matching contemporary furniture. Wooden trophy cases are classically designed to feature medals and curios with distinction. Recognize your awards with a beautiful display of your choice.

What features make these glass cabinets great for featuring prized collections?

Our floor standing trophy cases feature high visibility display areas that make keepsakes stand out. Each unit makes their contents easy to ascertain with tempered glass panels, doors, and shelves to form their contents easy to ascertain . Traditional wooden cabinets often include mirrored backs to ascertain cups and medals from all angles. Award cases with locking doors are excellent for securing treasured items publicly areas. When placed in office lobbies and faculty hallways, these glass displays protect trophies from theft and vandalism. The locking doors with clear panels combine high visibility and security, perfect for valuable memorabilia. Trophy cabinets with lighting shine a spotlight on awards with top and side mounted lights. this is often ideal for illuminating mementos from multiple angles for a captivating appearance. We sell models with halogen bulbs also as showcases with energy efficient LEDs. the previous option features a lower initial cost but light emitting diodes will economize in power bills over time. Browse floor standing and wall mounted cases and counters with lights for more illuminated display options. Glass award cases with adjustable shelves are great for featuring mementos of any size. this is often especially useful for giant cups which will be too tall to suit otherwise. Choose models with adjustable shelving for adaptability when it involves displaying school or company honors. Our cabinets for medals and cups are offered in two distinct styles: modern and traditional. Contemporary displays feature memorabilia with a neutral presentation that's ideal for office lobbies, highschool hallways, and college facilities. This style includes showcases with neutral black and silver finish frames that accompany modern décor. Frameless fixtures offer more visibility and have a sleeker design. These have neutral finish bases also as faux wood color options. the normal wooden medal floor stands have a way more classic appearance. This style is fitted to upscale locations like sports clubs, equestrian parks, and upscale schools. These classically designed fixtures are made from solid wood with cherry, oak, and brown finishes to match traditional style décor.