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How to choose the manufacturer of glass display case| OYE

How to choose the manufacturer of glass display case| OYE

Glass showcases emerge one after another in the market, and their technological level is also uneven, and the location and area of each glass showcase are different. therefore, it has become a difficult problem to choose a glass showcase manufacturer suitable for your own enterprise. now sort out the following suggestions:

The method of selecting glass display case

1. Look at the scale of the supplier: see if there is a good organizational structure, because to really engage in the customization of middle and high-end glass showcases, you must have your own design team, and design is an indispensable link; to see if there is your own customized factory, whether the factory is fully equipped, avoiding a lot of outsourced work, and can not guarantee quality.

2, look at the major of production: pre-sale, display products, provide professional engineering design services. In the sale, the standardized production team, layer by layer, to protect the quality of glass display cabinets. After sale, can you reply in time, accurately understand the needs of customers, so that every customer has the corresponding professional services.

3. Look at the production process: the precious thing of medium-and high-grade glass display cabinets lies in the details of the process and the selection of high-quality materials. Through on-the-spot investigation, we can see whether the products produced are fine enough and whether the details are perfect. This is also very important.

4. Reasonable price: a penny and a dime is the eternal truth. It does not mean that the lower the price, the better. When considering the preferential price, we should pay more attention to quality. In the selection and purchase should be more careful, not because of cheap eventually fall into the trap, and high-quality glass display cabinet suppliers will also be based on the actual situation of the enterprise to submit a reasonable budget.

5. Look at the design concept: each brand has its own corporate culture and positioning, hoping to highlight brand differences rather than imitating other brands, so it is very important to design here. Whether we can accurately understand corporate culture and show brand image and brand stories to consumers depends on the design level of suppliers.

6. The technology of glass showcase. The main inspection table board, door panel, cabinet body, sealing strip and anti-collision strip are processed and pressed once before and after. After long-term use, the product will not produce foam or deformation. The seal is not tightly sealed, which can cause soot, dust and worms to enter. In the process of appreciating the jewelry cabinet, please pay attention to the details. If there is a small edge crack at the opening of the plate, it can reflect whether it is an imported saw or an imported saw. Whether the sealing strip is sticky, whether the trimming is smooth and round, can reflect whether there is an imported edge sealing machine and whether there is an automatic trimming function; whether the hinge is flat can reflect that the machine has hinges, such as door panels, drawers, etc. it reflects the quality of hinges and tracks, such as hinges, smoothness, work surfaces, etc.

7. After-sales service. In today's society, the most important thing is service, whether it is pre-sale or post-sale, the demand for service is very high. After selecting the appropriate glass showcase, in the process of use, in the event of failure, you can get timely maintenance and help, for consumers, it is absolutely intimate service.

8. Inspection method of glass showcase. Make sure there is no leakage in the waterproof strip seal on the reverse side of the table. The quality of the door hinge is also very important. Its quality is related to the opening life of the cabinet door, and it is also necessary to check whether the brackets and screws are moistureproof. The surface of the glass exhibition cabinet should be easy to clean and have good wear resistance.

In short, from the size, design sense, security, store image, comprehensive cost, to after-sales service and other aspects, manufacturers customized glass display cabinets have incomparable advantages, is the most ideal choice for businesses! Customized glass display cabinets are gradually favored by people, and various forms and personalized customization have become the pursuit of today's young people.

The above is the introduction of how to choose the glass display cabinet manufacturer. If you want to know more about the glass display cabinet, please contact our manufacturer for advice.


Post time: Jan-06-2022