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How to choose payment for ordering custom display cabinet | OYE

Nowadays, we use a large number of glass display cabinets in shopping malls, supermarkets, museums, and other places, such as jewelry display cabinetmobile phone display cabinet, cosmetics display cabinet, art display cabinet, etc. the materials are also divided into many kinds, such as glass display cabinet, acrylic display cabinet, acrylic counter display cabinet, etc. How do we choose to pay when we order display cabinets? Oyeshowcases professional manufacturer to discuss with you.

What kind of payment method can achieve a win-win situation and protect the rights and interests of customers? The display cabinets of retail display cabinet factory are mostly customized. Display cabinet manufacturers are mainly used in shopping malls, supermarkets, and other stores to display and store goods. They have appearance personality, powerful functions, and advertising effect, so as to achieve better profitability. They provide a better platform for brands, and design and make the best display cabinet for your personal, company, and store.

What are the simple steps to make a display cabinet?

The master of display cabinet design and material cutting will divide the plate and then start nailing. This is the second step after selecting the good material with customers in the production process of display cabinet.

The function of the display cabinet factory grinding is to repair the defects, including nails, cracks and other uneven places, and then use 240 # sandpaper to smooth the repaired atomic ash and pig blood ash, and then brush the sealing transparent primer. After the paint is dry, use 240 # sandpaper to polish to make the finished surface of the display cabinet smooth and flat. The display cabinet factory here is basically a way of charging, that is, deposit plus final payment. For example, if the customer agrees with the scale and technology of the company’s display cabinet manufacturer, he can pay a deposit to let the display cabinet manufacturer start to manufacture the required retail glass display cabinet, jewelry display cabinet, art display cabinet, cosmetics display cabinet, etc.

What is the deposit ratio of custom display cabinet?

Because a variety of custom display cabinet factory needs cutting and preparation, and deposit is essential. Once the deposit is paid, the production of the display cabinet starts to go smoothly. For the deposit problem, perhaps each customized display cabinet factory will have a different way to collect it. Generally speaking, if the production of a customized display cabinet factory is introduced by an acquaintance of the customer, a part of the deposit can be collected symbolically as the deposit, because after the deposit is collected, the customer seldom repents, unless the production effect is particularly dissatisfied with the customer. Generally speaking, if the quality is good, the renewal fee can well meet the needs of exhibitors. For the amount of deposit, 50% is the most common in the display cabinet industry, especially for the custom display cabinet customers with small demand, which is also the lowest deposit standard. The display cabinet factory is worried that after various investments, if there are changes, the losses will be reduced. However, the deposit of display cabinet manufacturers may be more than this, or some display cabinet manufacturers can communicate with customers, knowing that customers will not create difficulties, and generally can symbolically charge part of the fee.

Of course, if you are not at ease, you can pay a batch of fees in the factory after the display cabinet modeling is completed, so that you can pay the deposit of the first batch of display cabinets separately. For some first-time customers, you may prefer this option. After payment, you start to make paint and paint technology, etc. if you are local, you can pay the rest before installation, if you are from abroad. You need to pay the balance before you get off the truck or on the bus, because these are all approved based on what you see in our real cabinet products.

In fact, whether it’s based on your company’s identity and mutual trust in payment and deposit, the key is to be able to provide good quality for the needs of the customer’s window display cabinet factory.

As for the payment of customized display cabinets, we have sorted out the above contents for your reference according to the laws and customary rules of the industry. If you need specific materials, production and payment of jewelry display cabinets, mobile phone display cabinets, cosmetics display cabinets, art display cabinets, antique display cabinets, luxury display cabinets and other display cabinets, You can contact us. Our homepage address: https://www.oyeshowcases.com

Post time: Jun-04-2021