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What’s the different between individual customers with brand customer

For customized display cabinets factory,different customer requirements are different.most display case manufacturers have two kind of customers. one is individual customers, one is brand customers. These two types of customers for customized display cabinet requirements are very different.Let's see the difference as belowing:

1. the material cost of customized display cabinet.

Usually  individual  customers consider about the economic usage more than  it's brand. They'd like to choose a affordable suitable and good quality display for their our shop.However, brand customers are different, they generally pursue significant display effect, and high quality material.Strict execute the unified  requirement of display showcases,even increase the cost is acceptable,In order to produce unique perfect luxury brand display showcases.

2.Design requirements

Most individual clients need to provide the design of the entire environment, or custom display cabinet design.It is usually required to highlight the characteristics of the product and improve the display effect. And brand customers have a complete set of visual VI, Required the display cabinet factory are able to skillfully, efficient use of brand VI, and can better show the shop brand  through the design.

3.Difference  installation

Individual clients uauslly provide install video can help to finish install in short time,and brand customers require door-to-door installation

 The factory should try its best to meet the requirements of each customer and provide satisfactory serve to  all customers.

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Post time: Jul-06-2022