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What Should We Pay Attention To When Custom Jewelry Display Case In Large Shopping Malls | OYE

Now there are many kinds of jewelry display cabinets in the market with different grades, which can well meet the needs of different groups. For large shopping centers, the design and production of jewelry display cabinets seem to reflect their own style and characteristics in terms of technology and space. Therefore, what should we pay attention to when we custom jewelry display case in large shopping malls? Next, OyeShowcases, the custom jewelry display case manufacturer, tells you that we should pay attention to the following aspects when we customize jewelry display cabinets in large shopping malls.

Customization principle1: integrate with the store environment

As we all know, color is the first factor to make an impression. Style and characteristics are often first produced through the visual imagination of color, reasonable and coordinated color combination can often bring refreshing visual magic. In order to coordinate with the environment of the store, the color of the display cabinet is particularly important.

Cool and warm colors, contrast colors, black and white, single and complex colors should be used appropriately. The key is the main color, so as to play a better attraction. In addition, large shopping centers generally give people the feeling of luxury and elegance, so the design of display cabinets should also adapt to it.

Customization principle 2: create comfortable space

When designing jewelry display cabinet, our designers should fully consider the design of space. For example, corridor reservation, display lamp space reservation, vertical space layered reservation are extremely important. Generally, the width of the main aisle is not less than 1.2m and the length of the secondary aisle is not less than 0.8m.

Customization principle 3: selection of lighting effect

Different types of jewelry with the light color temperature is not the same, lighting is a very professional knowledge. If you do not understand, the professional jewelry display cabinet manufacturers will give advice. Different jewelry cabinet lighting must be suitable for specific jewelry categories, so as to enhance the visual effect of jewelry and arouse consumers' desire to buy;

Customization Principle 4: decorate the facade

Is the so-called "judge by appearance" is this principle, the facade decoration directly affects the overall image of the store. The first feeling is very important. There is no business without attraction. So don't be stingy with the decoration of the store. The facade wall, surrounding walls, and the corner of the display cabinet are all places that can't be let go. The facade is well decorated. To attract customers, but also reflects the value of jewelry display cabinet.

The above are the contents that should be paid attention to in large shopping malls. If you want more information about customized jewelry display cabinets, you can search "OyeShowcases". We are a jewelry display cabinet supplier from China, welcome to consult us!

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Post time: Apr-10-2021