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What should we pay attention to in the production of glass display cabinets and the common material classification of display cabinets | OYE

What should we pay attention to in the production of glass display cabinets and the common material classification of display cabinets.

In recent years, with the rapid improvement of modern science and technology, the old and traditional glass industry has been rejuvenated and transformed, and various glass products with unique functions have come out one after another.

These glasses can not only play the traditional light transmission effect, but also play an irreplaceable role in some special occasions. Want to know what needs to be paid attention to when making the glass display cabinet, what materials are commonly used in the display cabinet, follow Ou Ye display cabinet supplier to read the article.

One、What should we pay attention to in the production of glass showcase

1. Glass is required to be tempered and polished, and low cabinets also need to be rounded to avoid children's bumping. In the production of painted glass display cabinet, painted glass is generally sprayed by paint, and the color selection is quite rich.

In the pasting of painted glass, we must pay attention to cleaning, so as to ensure that no dust will be introduced during the pasting of shadowless adhesive.

2. Don't knock on the corner of the painted glass display cabinet, which will easily lead to broken glass.

3. Generally, glass glue and shadowless glue are used in the paste of painted glass display cabinet. However, shadowless glue is more widely used in the current paste methods, because there is no glue mark or offset printing in the shadowless glue paste, and the paste effect is also very good.

The splicing place is a straight line. But in the production process, we must pay attention to no bubbles, Use a syringe to completely inject the shadowless glue into the inside of the glass corner to prevent the excess shadowless glue from flowing out.

4. After the production, check all the bonding parts to see if there is shaking, and clean the impurities and dust on the surface.

Two、Common material classification of display cabinet

1. Wooden display cabinet:

This type of display cabinet is generally made of composite board, such as MDF, plywood, material board, wood board, etc. the finished products can be polished, painted and other processes, with higher cost and durability.

2. Glass display cabinet:

It is made of super white glass and tempered glass. Glass display cabinet is mainly used in jewelry display cabinet, mobile phone counter, cosmetics display cabinet and other places. It is in line with high safety and environmental protection coefficient, obvious display function, low production price and elegant appearance, and is favored by most businesses.

3. Titanium alloy glass display cabinet:

This type of display cabinet is made of titanium alloy main frame, material decorative panel and glass.

Titanium alloy display cabinet is widely used in company gift display, automobile products display, cosmetics display, famous tobacco and wine display, medicine display, handicraft display, crystal products display, hotel products display, cultural products display, car model display and plastic products display Exhibition, factory product exhibition, sample Hall of foreign trade company and enterprise exhibition, etc.

Related concepts


In addition, a small amount of inorganic auxiliary materials, such as quartz, borax, glass and barite, are added. It is mainly composed of silica and other oxides. The chemical composition of ordinary glass is Na2SiO3, CaSiO3, SiO2 or Na2O · Cao · 6sio2, etc.

The main composition is silicate double salt, which is an amorphous solid with irregular structure.

It is widely used in buildings to prevent wind and light, and belongs to mixture. In addition, colored glass mixed with some metal oxides or salts to show color, and toughened glass made by physical or chemical methods.

Sometimes some transparent plastics (such as polymethylmethacrylate) are also called agricultural production system glass.

Display cabinet

A display container is a container for displaying goods. There are a variety of colors, such as silver, gray, matte, black, etc.

It is widely used in company exhibition halls, exhibitions, department stores, advertisements, etc. it is widely used in crafts, gifts, jewelry, mobile phones, glasses, clocks, tobacco, wine, cosmetics and other industries.

The above is about what should be paid attention to in the production of glass display cabinet and the common material classification of display cabinet.

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