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What Makes a Great Smoke Shop Shelves?


1. Tobacco and alcohol specialty stores, how to design a smoke  display cabinet?

Different from other display cabinets, the tobacco  display cabinet is a special display product. In design, the tobacco  display cabinet is a product that considers the combination of practicality and aesthetics. It is integrated into an independent display space. The wine is used in combination with the decoration style of the store and the needs of customers.
According to the above point of view, at the beginning of the design, the wine needs to start from the space, overall layout, dimensions of various aspects and the use needs of the store to build an integrated wine cabinet that integrates design and aesthetics.

2. Tobacco, alcohol and wine display cabinet

Tobacco, wine and wine display cabinets are made of steel and wood combined with a simple atmosphere to maximize the beauty and uniformity of wine and water products.



What characteristics should an superior cigarette display cabinet have?


First. It can improve the actual effect of tobacco  display

The novel style of the tobacco display cabinet is designed, and the switching power supply equipment such as track spotlights is added to the display cabinet to improve the visual impact. In the design scheme of the display cabinet, the display cabinet can be designed as a decoration partition in the middle, which can be rotated, but The iron clips must be stable, so that the products placed in this way are not easy to explode randomly with the rotation of the decoration partition, or the products can be stably placed on the decoration partition, and the products can be seen in all directions when rotating, and take this opportunity to improve Show the actual effect, and the company's logo should be made to meet the specifications of the bright design scheme.


Second, it should be conducive to the layout of tobacco and alcohol display cabinets

The function of the tobacco and alcohol display cabinet is to display products, but sometimes the layout of the display cabinet is not very good, which requires you to choose a display cabinet that is conducive to the layout when customizing the display cabinet, and also in the changing parts. can be changed at will.


Third. Good tobacco and alcohol display cabinets have high safety

There are many types of tobacco and alcohol display cabinets, such as wooden display cabinets, laminated glass display cabinets, and good display cabinets, which must be guaranteed in terms of safety. For an example. If we choose laminated glass display cabinets, in If the laminated glass is damaged in use, it will cause injury to the staff, which will not harm the store, customers, and manufacturers. Therefore, a good display cabinet must have high safety. .

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After reading these three points, what characteristics should a good display cabinet have? Naturally, the above three points are the most basic characteristics. There are many types of display cabinets, and we need to slowly discover its advantages and characteristics.

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Post time: Nov-01-2022