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What are the color design skills of jewelry display cabinet | OYE

What kind of display case jewelry will make you interested in the jewelry in the display cabinet? What makes you interested in the jewelry in the display cabinet? Is the jewelry itself exquisite? It must be an important condition. But when we walk into a jewelry store, it is not necessarily jewelry that comes into our eyes.

It's the design of the jewelry booth, and the color matching of the booth will also indirectly affect our desire to buy goods; it will directly affect the sales of goods. However, do you know the color design skills of jewelry display cabinets? The following display cabinet suppliers will explain the relevant knowledge of jewelry display cabinet color design for you:

1.Upper shallow and lower deep:

Shallow feeling light, deep feeling heavy. The color in the room should be light up and deep down. It's better to paint the roof and walls white, beige and other light colors, deepen the skirting and make the furniture darker. It makes people feel very stable and harmonious.

2.Space size:

Narrow, low room uses cool color system to expand space feeling, oversized room can use warm color system to make it compact.

3.Use more neutral colors:

Neutral color refers to a large number of black or white colors, such as sand, stone, light yellow, gray, brown, etc. these colors can give people a sense of tranquility. Try to choose non-standard white with a small amount of light colors.

4.The color is too messy:

Should choose a few kinds of colors less, small space or adopt the way of point to area, color should be coordinated.

5.Function color selection:

It is a good choice to use neutral colors such as cream, beige and light camel. Do not use red, bright yellow and other nerve stimulating colors, and do not use too deep, too cold and other repressive colors. Decorate kitchen and toilet with bright light color ceramic tile, make a person feel fresh, clean. Orange has the effect of promoting appetite, may wish to make full use of in the eating area.

6.Pay attention to the direction of sunlight:

The room that lacks sunshine faces east, face north, should use bright light color more. The room with long sunlight adopts the cool color facing south and West. Just like the above skills in the color matching design of jewelry display cabinet, the design of display cabinet should be carried out step by step. Customers will have a better visual experience and experience, and they will have a greater sales volume.

The above is the jewelry display cabinet color design skills, I hope this article can help you. We are a professional customized display cabinet manufacturer from China - Oye display cabinet, welcome to consult!

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Post time: Feb-23-2021