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How to Pick the Right Smoke Shop Display Wholesale Distributor


How To Start Selling Smoke Shop Accessories In Your Store

Whether you want to add a line of smoke shop accessories to your inventory or open up a brand new head shop, picking products from the right wholesale smoke shop distributor is essential to success. Below, we will provide five expert tips to help you choose the right wholesale smoke shop distributor to start strategically selling smoke shop accessories in your store!


1. Find Out What Products Your Customers Are Looking For

Before looking at wholesale distributors, it's crucial to understand your customers and the products they will be looking to purchase. This way, you can determine which distributor has the best prices on the specific products you want to add to your inventory to guarantee the highest profit margin.



For convenience store customers, we recommend purchasing products that are easy to display, portable, grab N go, and convenient. Customers will be looking for things like a pack of their favorite papers, a lighter, or a vape pen battery for their next sesh. They will probably not be in the market for a large ticket item like a new bong.

These customers also might be shopping for something other than smoke shop accessories but can easily be convinced with the right point-of-purchase display. Therefore, we recommend stocking up on displays you can set up near the register, like a lighter display, vape display, or a rolling paper display for impulsive buys!



 Customers' needs are slightly different when they come into a head shop full of cannabis accessories. Some will be looking to buy a new smoking piece or vaping device, while others are searching for new product drops from their favorite brands. So, we suggest doing diligent research about popular cannabis accessory brands in your area and setting up displays for each one you'd like to highlight. This way, your customers can conveniently head to the section and see a whole line of products from their favorite brand.


In addition, we recommend placing specific products that work together next to each other for easy upselling—for example, setting up a display of glass cleaning supplies next to glass pieces to plant the seed they should purchase both!

After researching your customer's needs, you can start locating a wholesale head shop distributor with the right products to fit your criteria!

2.  Locate a Wholesale Head Shop Distributor

Now that you know what products to buy based on the type of store you are stocking and your customer's preferences, it's time to locate an online head shop wholesale. This is a crucial part of ensuring you have the inventory your customers want at the right price.



Good smoke shop wholesale distributors will have low prices for large orders, exclusive pricing on popular brands, and the latest products on the market. They should also be highly responsive, have an easy-to-use online store, and ship products in a timely manner. This way, you can ensure your store is always adequately stocked, keeping your customers high and happy!



3.  Manage and Strategize Your Inventory

For any store, keeping a reliable and efficient inventory management system is vital to ensuring your success. Being out of stock on products your customers are looking for isn't good for business. You'll also want to make sure you aren't stocking products that aren't popular and keep on top of your best sellers.

If you want to strategize your inventory, a great POS system is key. A POS system helps your business keep track of sales and accept payments from your customers. A reliable POS system for your store ensures operations run smoothly. Plus, you can track product sales efficiently, which makes ordering inventory so much easier in the long run.

There are also specific times of the year you need to plan for in advance. Holidays like 420, 710, Black Friday, and Christmas are critical dates to stock up for. Customers will be shopping more, looking for deals, and coming in for last-minute gift purchases. We recommend scheduling your inventory orders months in advance to account for mail carrier shipping delays or products going out of stock. Every smoke shop will be stocking up, so it is crucial to ensure you are ahead of the game!


4.  Create Eye-Catching Displays

Customers will be scanning your store for products that catch their eye, so it's only fitting to create eye-catching displays that lure them to discover new products.

We recommend creating large in-store displays for best-selling brands like Ooze, King Palm, and RAW. Customers will love seeing their favorite brands in vivid color, making it easy to showcase their latest product drops.


In some cases, brands will make this easy by sending promotional items and eye-catching POP displays to showcase in your store!


5.  Keep Up With New Products and Trends in the Cannabis Space

The cannabis space is constantly evolving, so it's crucial to ensure you are always up to date on industry trends, new products, and marijuana-related news. We recommend keeping up with reputable cannabis news sources like Leafly News, MJBizDaily, Cannabis Business Times, and Ganjapreneur. This way, you will always know about new products, updated regulations, and popular industry trends.

Now that you know how to sell smoke shop accessories let's dive into the benefits of using an online smoke shop wholesale distributor to stock your store!


Benefits of Using an Online Smoke Shop Wholesale Distributor

There are many benefits of using an online smoke shop wholesale distributor to keep your store stocked with best sellers.

First, when you shop with a wholesale distributor, you will get exclusive pricing unavailable to the public. All you have to do is sign up as a business, log into the portal, and you will unlock discounted prices and exclusive product selection for all the brands your customers love. When you choose Oye, you'll get access to the lowest wholesale prices available anywhere on our Partner Brands like Ooze, King Palm, Happy Kit, and more.

Plus, shopping online with Oye is easy, and our customer service team is always available to answer any questions. So, if you want top brands that customers will be asking for and the latest products available, Oye showcases is the perfect smoke shop online wholesale distributor for you.

 Now that you know what to keep in mind when picking the right smoke shop wholesale distributor, it's time to start selling smoke shop accessories in your store. Take a look around, and register for your account today!


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