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What is the proper size of the glass display cabinet | OYE

The glass display cabinet has been widely used because of its excellent display ability and outstanding product display ability. It is very important to choose a high-quality and appropriate size glass display cabinet for commercial development. The following professional glass display cabinet manufacturer, Oyeshowcases, will introduce to you the size of the glass display cabinet?

retail glass display case

Glass display cabinet and retail glass display cabinet are mainly used in the jewelry display cabinet, mobile phone counter, cosmetics display cabinet, and other places. Glass display cabinet is favored by most businesses due to its high safety and environmental protection coefficient, obvious display function, low production price, and elegant appearance. In many shopping malls and stores, the glass display cabinet is almost the favorite of the audience.

The size of high back cabinet in general shopping malls is 1200 wide x (2000 ~ 2200 high) x (300 ~ 400 depth), the size of low back cabinet is 1200 wide x (1350 ~ 1500 high) X400, and the size of thick counter is (900 ~ 1200 wide) x 900 high x (400 ~ 500 depth).

The size of the glass display cabinet fluctuates a lot. It depends on what you do. This can be customized. It is usually 800-1000 in height and 400-600 in width. It can be customized according to your own needs.

The size problem of a glass display cabinets and retail glass display cabinets is presented by us. Of course, if you have different questions, please contact us at our homepage: https://www.oyeshowcases.com

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Post time: Jun-04-2021