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how to refurbish jewelry display case

Some self-maintenance tips for Jewelry Glass display cabinet 

Glass showcase is one of the indispensable business decoration projects, has entered thousands of households. With the enhancement of people's awareness of aesthetics and health, I believe that many people want to know more about some relevant knowledge. The following decoration network Xiaobian will take you to understand these problems that you are more concerned about.

Glass display cabinet is generally used in the production of tempered glass, tempered glass hardness is high, good heat resistance, for the display place is not often mobile, tempered glass display cabinet is the best choice. But shopping malls should do a good job of maintenance in the use of display cabinets, which will not cause safety problems, and will not affect the function of glass display cabinets.

1. Glass display cabinet should not be wiped with hard objects to avoid scraping the glass surface, so that the display cabinet is particularly ugly, and has a bad impact on the display of goods;

2. Glass display cabinets are generally wiped with cloth, and the dirt that cannot be wiped can be decontaminated with some special toughened glass cleaner;

3. It is not recommended to move the glass display cabinet frequently, because it is easy to crush the personnel and easy to be scratched; (glass display case is commonly used in the fixed place of counter)
4, Glass display cases struck, never to the four angles of the toughened glass hardness but when you are on the four corners and easy to be broken, when this is because the four angles of toughened glass is distributed, no help from around, damage is direct to arrive. But the center of the toughened glass is difficult to be hit, because the force around the force is dispersed by the atoms, so it is not easy to break, this is the same as the window glass of the bus.
5, The new case is recommended to often scrub, because there are some residual glue around it, in the process of scrubbing, the glass display cabinet will be more and more bright, especially the surface of the glass display cabinet.
6, Aluminum plastic board to do the showcase scrubbing should pay more attention to, because its surface a thin layer of aluminum, it is easy to be scratched, especially the case showcase, take the case, frequent pull, a few days will scratch off the surface of aluminum.

The above is the relevant introduction of the us for you today, I believe that friends have a certain understanding, I hope this article can help you . You can also log on to our website to know more details.https://www.oyeshowcases.com/

Give Old Jewelry Displays a Fresh New Look

The glass display case is a best companion for product display. Many customers love it and hate it. How can they hate it? Because of the long-term use of glass doors will make problems, if you want to repair it by yourself, but the glass is easy fragile, we should pay more attetion about the safe of it. Due to the stability of glass display case, most customers are not good at refurbishand maintenance.Once the glass door of the display cabinet breaks down, it really problem for us.with so many years of display glass door repair,how to refurbish jewelry display case, the following tips will make your own maintenance easily.

Step 1

Actually it is easy for display case door installation , it depends on some accessories implementation work, long-term frequency  use will cause accessories damage , but it may have function issues if we do not solve the  problem in time, if you find such a problem in the process of applying our glass display cabinet? Please don't worry, there is no need to call our after-sales service, first rationally observe whether the parts are obviously damaged, if it is as we expected, please replace the spare parts we left for you.

Step 2

The glass display case have two kind of open ways :Sliding door and hanged door.namely, If the door can not be opened or pushed,Besides to testing the parts that can intuitively find the problem, but also need to test the pulley and shaft of the glass door. Often this factor is high in functional puzzles. how to deal with this case? of course we need take down the glass door, add a little lubricating oil on pulley, because there are a lot of iron beads inside pulley, if there is no lubricating oil resistance is too big for door, gradually the iron sleeve of fixed iron beads will be disconnected,  you can not push the glass door from outside. It is done to add a little lubricating oil if the iron sleeve is not disconnected. If it is disconnected, it can be readded to H wheel. The accessories can be requested from our company. If the double door does not turn, you can also try adding a little lubricating oil.

Step 3

According to the method we said, it is still not possible to open the door of the glass display cabinet. Maybe you have done your best, which indicates that the problem is more complex than we imagined, and we need our technicians to solve it. But our advocate focuses on the maintenance of the daily application process, can not wait until the problem to think why not maintenance? Especially the door must pay attention to the daily cleaning in the slide, can not have sundries and dust. Again the glass is fragile, can not collision, open and close the door more slowly and light.

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