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Glass display case for eyeglass Manufacturers&Suppliers | OYE

Glass display case for eyeglass Manufacturers&Suppliers | OYE

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This all glass narrow display uses LED lighting to depict your valuables with amazing lighting effect. The sleek, modern frame house has five adjustable shelves which will be fine tuned to perfect height or completely removed. employing a key lock, this aluminum and glass narrow display cabinet keeps valuables safe after swinging the door. Eyeglasses are often seen from almost any angle, while LED lighting attracts people’s attention and highlights the stored items.

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  • Size: 1600X400X2050mm
  • MOQ : 10 Pcs
  • Location : CHINA
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    This is a large and spacious display cabinet, Whether it is used as a retail merchandise display cabinet to display retail merchandise, a collectible display cabinet to display collectibles, or a cultural relic display cabinet to display natural history, it is a very good choice. Adjustable laminate can accommodate any size of your merchandise that you need not worry about. When the glass door hits the lock, you will have two keys. If you want to open this door, you can only insert the key to unlock it, limited ensuring the safety of your goods and without theft. The top three led lights are good to focus on your goods, and the goods are always displayed in front of the guests with the perfect brightness, adding selling points to your product. 

    Quick Details

    Brand Name: OYE
    Model Number: OP1600
    Color: Black
    Material: 5489NT laminate 
    LIGHT: LED II1uminated Backing
    Function: Eyeglass Display Stand
    Payment: T/T
    Type: Floor Standing Display Unit
    Style: Display Equipments
    Usage: eyeglasses
    Application: Commercial Display
    Feature: Lockable

    Product Description

    3.Tempered Glass, Mdf Back With 5 Adjustable Shelves
    4. Mdf Back With 5 Adjustable Shelves
    5.There are 2 led lights at the top 
    6.ouch Close Storage Doors
    7.Every Sigle Plece Is Well Packed Into Seperate Wooded Crate,safelty In Shipping
    8.Design And Manufacturing Of Store Showcase And Mall Kiosk
    9.Create With Oye,made By Oye
    10.Good Quality And Puncyual Deliver
    11.Everything Is Pre-assembled In Factory,ready To Usd Affter You Receive
    12.Custom Desighns Are Welcome,our Desighners Could Make 3d Renderings And Engineer Drawings As Per Your Request

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